I Don't Give A Fuck!

by Bath Salt Zombies

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released October 31, 2014

Misael Fret: guitars, bass, extra vocals, programming
Jerry Joe: main vocals, bass and guitars on track #9
Joen Blanco (Oshurun): guitars and extra vocals on tracks 2 & 12



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Bath Salt Zombies Dorado, Puerto Rico

Crossover / thrash project based on jokes, drugs, insanity, politics and of course... zombies. The core was composed of brothers Misael and Jerry (RIP 1981-2015) since it's beginning on January 10, 2014.

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Track Name: Let It Go
Let it go, let it go
Fuck you all
Let it go, let it go
Suck on my balls

Suck my cock
You can suck my dick
'Cuz I'm having fun with these hookers anyways
Track Name: Zombie Boy
Go have fun zombie boy
Go and surf zombie boy

Go search & destroy
My boy zombie boy

Play your console
Munch down on whores
Prepare your stove
Or make it a soup bowl
I will let you
Smell my balls
I will let you
Pray on god

Zombie Boy (x3)
Full of joy
Zombie Boy (x3)
My homeboy

Zombie Boy see humans die
Zombie Boy feels just right
Zombie Boy fuck being polite
Zombie Boy no burial site (x2)
Track Name: Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
Where is Jane
Bloody Mary
Brings the pain
Don't bring Cain
When you kill me
Bring champagne

She’s coming our way
Stop saying her name
She might bring a knife
She might bring a head

Bloody rain
I won't blame
If you crave
Candy cane (x2)

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
Getting scary
Bloody Mary
Bath Salt Zombies
Bloody Mary
Monster's story

Bloody Mary
Look at Goblin
Bloody Mary
Makes me horny
Bloody Mary
Take a journey
Bloody Mary
I’m not worthy

Don’t get cranky
Hanky panky
Don’t get angry
Let’s be happy
Cotton candy
Bloody panties
Granny panties
Can get wacky
Track Name: Zombiholics
Having this problem
I'm a zombiholic
Worse than an atomic alcoholic
And now could eat someone moronic
Like a stupid child on phonics

Could be a comedian but I'm not funny
Need more booze but I don't have money
This drunk zombie is ready to vomit
Later on fall down catatonic

Gimme some tequila
Gimme margarita
Gimme some rum
Get me dumb and drunk

Gimme some vodka
End up in a coma
Gimme some beers
Let’s cheer and volunteer

Everything’s blurred
Whiskey in a slurp
Feeling good when I burp
I don’t even know where I'm from

Feeling neurotic
Turning psychotic
Could eat a gothic
Track Name: Show Beer
Never fear
When there's beer
Going to party
Party's here

We've decided
You're invited
You fucked up
You brought show beer

Should have known
You cheap ass
Bringing shit
No high class

Steer clear
Of my beer
Don't come near
Just stand clear

My beer's very exotic
Your beer's very toxic
Who is more moronic?
So pissed, I'm demonic

You drank all my gold
Your beers are not that cold
All my guests just jeered
'Cause you just brought show beer

Bringing my show beer
Deal with it!
Bringing my show beer
With fear within!

Your beer sucks
Bring some sluts
The ones that give
Hot blow jobs
Go to hell with Steve Jobs
Track Name: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Why everyone's so quiet?
Is everybody in a party diet?
There have been some invaders
Zombies ate my neighbors

Jumping in my neighbor's window
Found out she ended up a widow
You are freaking me out with your behavior
Now he's a zombie and a traitor

Zombies Ate my neighbors
Zombies Ate my waiter
Zombies Ate our savior
Stop being a hater (x2)
Track Name: Parasite Paradise
Living inside me
Too devouring
Get out
Maybe with urine
You’re a foreign
Forgetting stories
Like some heroin
Dying memories

Parasite paradise
Can't do much
I'm paralyzed
Parasite paradise
My body's been terrorized

Parasite enjoying his site
Paradise he recognize
Genocide so terrified
Needs human sacrifice

Want you to go
Before you can grow
Or go with the flow
I know taekwondo
My shit with some corn
I think you’re out
Now I feel alone

And die slow (x2)
Track Name: I Was Born Ready
I was born ready
But I'm never ready
If you give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
Track Name: Sk8 Rape
SK8 rape (x2)
Everybody's been SKATE raped
SK8 rape (x2)
And your ass gets raped
SK8 rape (x2)
In my rectum vertical skate
SK8 rape (x2)
Now you've been skate raped

Colon crushed
Not so fun
Broken balls
Now I’m numb
Swollen bum
Sour gum
Let’s drink rum
And man up (x2)

Extreme raping!!!
Track Name: Evil Genius
Evil genius
Brilliant & furious
Notorious & victorious

You're an idiot (x8)

Evil ------ Genie
Evil ------ Creepy
Evil ------ Martini
Evil ------ Linguini

Evil genius
Go to your lab
Evil genius
No friends to stab
Evil genius
Wicked and mad
Evil genius
What made you snap? (x2)

Evil genius - Death in these millennia
Evil genius - Panic and hysteria
Track Name: Eat Shit
Say it in my face
I know you are afraid
Ready for some pain?
Die & eat shit

Smell my farts
My dark spot
Talk shit eat shit
Now smoke pot


Smelling your grave you’re in coma state
On your deathbed your wife I ate
Now how can we negotiate?
How you will procreate?

Eat shit & die
Eat shit tonight
Eat shit alight
This means goodbye (x2)
Track Name: Salvia Erik
On your way
Going to space
We might stay
Herb of grace
Brain race
Just embrace
It's a choice
A magical place

Do your garden
Let’s go driving
Write some stuff
When get high

SALVIA ERIK- Atmospheric
SALVIA ERIK- This is epic
SALVIA ERIK- Never skeptic
SALVIA ERIK- Going epileptic