The End

by Bath Salt Zombies

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Jerry Joe's last vocal recordings.


released March 10, 2016

Jerry Joe Fret (RIP): main vocals
Misael Fret: bass guitar, guitar, extra vocals
Antonio Caraballo: leads on track #1
Joen Blanco: guitars & exttra vocals on track #3
Abner Orta: guitars & extra vocals on track #6
Roberto Prieto: main vocals on track #6



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Bath Salt Zombies Dorado, Puerto Rico

Crossover / thrash project based on jokes, drugs, insanity, politics and of course... zombies. The core was composed of brothers Misael and Jerry (RIP 1981-2015) since it's beginning on January 10, 2014.

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Track Name: I Won't Stop
Because you said so
We won't stop
I won't stop
Until you stop
It's time to realize that
We won't stop

(Let that sink in)

So many lies
So many lives
Giving you a little insight

Forgetting the past
Blinded by future
Living the present
I won't stop
We won't stop (x2)

Don't force it
I'm coming
You love it
It's stunning
We're blooming
Mind blowing (x2)

Thrash MetalHOTA Rex
Track Name: 1095 Badtrips
My life was kinda set
Then everything went to shit
Feeling tense everyday
Now all the bills I have to pay

Why do yo get angry?
If I'm with my friends
Why do yo get angry and upset?

1095 badtrips (x4)

Trying to intimidate
Why you do this to your mate?
I'd rather masturbate
Living with you wasn't cake

But now I'm free
Life is sweet
It was a bad dream
It was a badtrip
Track Name: Gas Mask
Welcome to my joke
Time to suck my balls
Your face moving around


Prepare to have fun
Now get a little close
Time to smell my hole


You've got to beware the gas mask (x3)

Call it German Gask Mask
Call it Irish Gas Mask
Call it Russian Gas Mask
For me it's just Gas Mask
Track Name: Rich Cunt Breakfast
Goddamn rich cunts
I kill rich cunts (x2)

Bitch so fake
Take an ego break
They give me a migraine
With their million dollar dress

You think you're so fine
It is in your bloodline
To me you'll never shine
And I will steal your wine

You're worse than a fart in my face
When you breed, it's a mistake

You're filled with eternal hate

Rich cunt breakfast, you ain't got no brain
Rich cunt breakfast, fuck your Escalade
Rich cunt breakfast, your husband is a douche
Rich cunt breakfast, screw your rude mood
Track Name: Music Box
My friend I will tell you
You have given our world
Something priceless
Something more
Something to remember

Something to forget
Something to remind us
Too many to remember
Too many will remain

Like a river trough it's path
Too many to remember
Like a river trough it's path
Too many would remain
Like a river through it's path
Too many to forget
Like a river through it’s path
Too many to regret

Now what’s left it’s a music box
Full of memories
And dreams

A resemblance just beginning
And a spider
Web of hearts

Only wishing
You’d still be here
Lot’s of drinking
Lot’s of beer

Now what’s left it’s a music box
Full of memories
And dreams

(Forever in debt)

A blueprint of your memories
Remains vaulted to our hearts
Wishing we had more