Some Bees

by Bath Salt Zombies

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released July 7, 2015

Misael Fret: bass, guitars, programming, extra vocals
Jerry Joe: main vocals
Joen Blanco: guitars & extra vocals on tracks #2, 6, 8 & 12. xtra vox on 11
Antonio Caraballo: guitars & extra vocals on tracks #1, 4 & 10
Danny Del Rio: drums on track #1

Count Farandula: bass & vocals on track #8
Pellejo: guitars & backing vocals on track #3
Joel Big Turkey: guitars on track #9

Drums for 'Some Bzz' were recorded and produced by BSZ at Phoamhouse Studios. Special thanks to Armando for lending us your studio!



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Bath Salt Zombies Dorado, Puerto Rico

Crossover / thrash project based on jokes, drugs, insanity, politics and of course... zombies. The core was composed of brothers Misael and Jerry (RIP 1981-2015) since it's beginning on January 10, 2014.

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Track Name: Some Bzz
They are in my face
They are in my eyes
Cannot hide this pain
They've reached my brain

In my face they compromise
Swollen I need disguise
Some bees feels uneased
Zombies garanteed disease

Some bees could be zombies
Make some honey, make some money
Some bees could be zombies
Make some honey for my tummy
Some bees could be zombies
Make some honey fucking yummy
Some bees could be zombies
Make some honey my dear buddy

(Yo' FACE Goddamit!)

This is my agony
Fuck this tragedy
Some bees sensuality (x2)

Go and don't fall
Or go and find a pool
Don't stop, just run
Bloated, I'll explode
Track Name: I Like Sex A Las Seis
I like sex
I like to fuck
I like sex
And no regrets
I like sex
I like to fuck
I like sex

When I dream it's all the same
I like sex
When I see a girl I think the same
I like sex
When I take a shower I do the same
I like sex
When I go insane I'll go ahead
I like sex

I like sex a las seis
Track Name: Way Too Far
Don't want to go there
Don't want to go far
Need some fresh air
Now I live in despair

Cucumber or Blue Moon
Fuck this shit
Sucks to be you

How'd you expect to play for free
How you'd think I'll do this

Cucumber or Blue Moon
Way too far (x2)

Don't want your scars
I don't want it

Cucumber or Blue Moon
Won't show up
Cucumber or Blue Moon
I'm too drunk and too slow
Track Name: Sexy Frankenstein
Yeah! Me so sexy
Call me Frankie
Scared you are
'Cuz my sexiness went too far

Yeah! I'm Frankenstein
Call me Frankie
See you running
And your wife I'm fucking

I am sexy
I am Frankie
I am ready
I am cumming

Frankenstein living the dream
Frankenstein a sexy beast
Track Name: Master Bates
Make way for the bait
Of the great Master Bates
Who masturbates on your skate?
And he wakes and bake?

And for breakfast, cake
With cocaine
So he can bring the pain
Track Name: Proudly Brownie
Time goes slow
Feels like a sloth
Time goes wrong
This shit is strong

Can’t react
I think I shat
Proudly brownie
I’ll eat this proudly

Over and over and repeat
Eyes on exposure, I’m not discreet (x2)

Can you please send rescue
I think I’m having an overdose
And so is my wife
I think we’re dying
We made brownies
And I think we’re dead

Time is going by…
Really, really, really… slow…
Track Name: Face Melt
We don't give a shit
If shit goes insane
Take a little dose
Watch the world go fun

We just came to party
Buy a bottle of Bacardi
Your face is kinda melting
My face is kinda lost

Face Melt!
Should I call for help?
Face Melt!
Nah, fuck it. I'm cool.

Face Melt!
Might be going through hell
Face Melt!
Nah, fuck it. It rules

I can hear the rain
But there's none around
Can see the pain away
Can feel every sound

It melts anyway
My mind flying to space
Melting all the way
No mames pinche guey

(I'm not mexican by the way. They are pretty cool though. I used to date one. My god, the food. The best. Oh shit!)

Face Melt (x4)

It melts anyway
It melts in yo' face
It melts what I say
It melts. What a day, I'll do again.
Track Name: Wife Swap
You know I trust you with my life
And I want you to fuck my wife
Let's share! Now give me a hi-five
And let me fucking screw your wife


She's just boring me
Your wife can suck my dick
Let's change at least today
'Cause our sex is not that great

Even if you have STDs
I will fuck your tits
Let's change at least today
'Cause our sex is not that great

My wife's hungry for your dick
She said your cock tastes so sweet

I'm gonna really fuck her anus

Your wife will enjoy my cum
'Cause it tastes like bubble gum

I'll go bukkake on her face
For you to embrace

Track Name: Paranoid Freak
Everything scares me
Nervous and anxious
Feeling of persecution
I'm tense need prostitution
I'm a cast away
In every which way

I should be brave
Or dig my own grave
I should stand up and speak my mind
Paranoid Freak (x2)

Why are you staring?
Why are you stalking?

Bath Salt Zombies
Went paranoid
Track Name: Killer Pimple From Outer Space
Woke up this morning with no type of warning
Killer Pimple From Outer Space

My face was the target, I am in my darkest
Killer Pimple From Outer Space

I look like burger. That pimple you'll suffer.
Killer Pimple From Outer Space

Alien contact. Prepare for your combat.
Killer Pimple From Outer Space

I don't want it with me
I have a swollen cheek
It pops like my dick

Killer Pimple from Outer Space (x4)
Track Name: Full Retard Manifestation
You fucking retard
Don't say a word
Don't be dumb
Am I asking too much?

No common sense
The vibe feels tense
Your retardation manifests

I don't know what's going on?
And your thoughts are weird as shit
What the fuck I crossed upon?
Dude, there's a rule of thumb!

(Derp, derp. derp is the word. Derp, derp, derp, the derp is the word.)

Don't say a word
Don't write your thoughts
Stir some shit up
Don't breathe at all (x2)

Why?!!! Full Retard Manifestation (x4)
Track Name: Morbo The Morbid
Better watch out
Morbo the Morbid
Bleeding through your mouth
Morbo the Morbid
Your death he feels proud
Morbo the Morbid
You scream out loud

Shooting cats and burning grass
When you're dead he'll fuck your ass
A slow death is his preference
He'll be happy when you run out of breath

He's name is Morbo
He likes morbid shit
Morbo the Morbid
Bloodbatth, he's insane

Corpse and rotten bodies he'll fuck
He'll drink from your period blood