The Sandwich Chronicles

by Bath Salt Zombies

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Sandwich-O-Rama EP for you


released July 18, 2014

Misael Fret: guitar, bass, programming, backing vocals
Jerry Joe: main vocals
Joen Blanco (Oshurun): guitars and backing vocals on tracks 2 & 4



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Bath Salt Zombies Dorado, Puerto Rico

Crossover / thrash project based on jokes, drugs, insanity, politics and of course... zombies. The core was composed of brothers Misael and Jerry (RIP 1981-2015) since it's beginning on January 10, 2014.

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Track Name: Cockmeat Sandwich
Cock meat Sandwich
In yo' face
Cock meat sandwich
In yo' mouth
Cock meat sandwich
Feels so great
Cock meat sandwich
Cumming sound
Cock meat sandwich
Another round
Cock meat sandwich
Hear me loud
Cock meat sandwich
Feel so new
Cock meat sandwich

Yo' main dish
A taste of this
You're a freak
Bend over and suck my dick

My problems
Swim away
Your problems
Makes my day

Say your grace
Make my day
Take my meat
This is your feast

Take a seat and suck my balls
Track Name: Peanut Butter & Crack Sandwich
Munch and hide from the cops
Spend the cash from your money box
Bath Salt Zombies fucking sucks
Eat that sandwich and don't stop

It's better than butter
More better than peanut butter
Hot and getting hotter
Myself getting slaughtered (x2)

Time to eat
Grinding teeth

Steal from kids
Steal from wife
Eat that crack
Your skin to scratch

Might be hungry mighty zombie
Peanut butter and crack sandwich
Might be crunchy might be junkie
Peanut butter and crack sandwich

Every bite feels very sticky
This sandwich will make you freaky
Track Name: El Sandwicho
El sandwicho está muy rico
El espanto de Puerto Rico
El churri sabroso
Come teta, come tripleta

Esto tiene carne
No quiero casarme
Quieres escucharme
Quiero masturbarme (x2)

Tu no ves sandwicho la que és
Si no lo tengo estoy con estrés

El sandwicho
Track Name: Steak & Donut Sandwich (With Cigarettes)
The hell with my health
Deep down I love myself
But my heart's giving up
Fuck my cardio
Thats what's up

Ingesting cigarettes
Sugars & protein
Watch me now
Take it down

Breaking bowels
My life with fouls
Disgusting sounds
Screaming loud (x2)

Dare another round
While I'm sitting on this couch
If I don't eat
I'm a grouch

Dare another round
But I'm sitting on this couch
If I don't eat
Holy shit and ouch!

Steak & Donut Sandwich with cigarettes
Steak & Donut Sandwich all over my chest (x2)

Steak & Donut... cigarettes!
Track Name: No Sardines In My Sandwich
Taste the fish in my sandwich
I told you bitch I fucking hate them
Stinkin' fish In my sandwich
Rather have some chicken breast

I prefer to bleed
Than eating some sardines
Now I'm getting pissed
'Cuz I fucking hate sardines

Sardines tastes like ass
Unless we smoke some grass
Rather have some pork
And get fat

No sardines in my sandwich
Whoaaaa oooooh (x2)

Fuck the beach
Fuck you bitch
Suck my dick
Fuck sardines (x2)

They're looking at my face
What a disgrace
Gotta be insane
In sardines name (x2)

No sardines in my sandwich (x2)