Raccoon City Revolution

by Bath Salt Zombies

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Songs inspired by Resident Evil video game series.


released April 25, 2014

Jerry Joe: main vocals
Misael Fret: guitars, bass, programming, mixing, backing vocals
Joel Big Turkey: extra guitars & programming on intro track



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Bath Salt Zombies Dorado, Puerto Rico

Crossover / thrash project based on jokes, drugs, insanity, politics and of course... zombies. The core was composed of brothers Misael and Jerry (RIP 1981-2015) since it's beginning on January 10, 2014.

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Track Name: RCR Intro
Raccoon City... you wanna go there?

Who the fuck wants to go there?
Track Name: Welcome To Raccoon City
Welcome to Raccoon City
Population is 50
I'm not kidding
Sights are pretty

I can't escape

Welcome to hell
Hope you like your stay
Death everywhere
Human decay

Bring your biggest gun
And join the bloody fun
Raccoon City's good
Wesker is your bro

Nuclear weapons
Spreading the infection
Creating tension
Our lovely nation
Track Name: Team Umbrella
Looking zombie shit faced
Now this is your race to live
Looking where to hide
Kill don't think Team Umbrella

Aren't we togetha'?

Who we annihilate
We don’t know and we don’t care man
Search & destroy we’re your fate
Don’t act drunk you’re too late
No disguise you’re not saved
Inside a zombie hive
To us you’re dead
He is dead, she is dead
Everyone is dead

So much fun when zombies fall to the ground
It would be cool if you're one too

For the zombies we collect their heads
Emergencies turning breeds
We erase any needs
Track Name: What Is It, Barry?
Cozy mansion
Entering action
Barry Burton
Is a bad ass

Who fucking cares
The dude's oblivious
Asking the same ol' fuckin' question
His eternal pledge
The Samurai Edge

For the undead
Our perfect hell
For the undead
Our perfect despair

Zombies in his face
The stench of all the dead
Have now been taking place

Barry you old fart
Scary you are not
Barry you old fart
Just work at Walmart
Track Name: Nemesis
You too

You run but you cannot hide by me
I'll destroy you in pieces I'm Nemesis
You can shoot at me but you I will eat
I'm unstopable I'm your grave

I'm your fears
I'm your death
I'm your nightmare
My rocket you'll eat (x2)

Nemesis run faster
He's coming
In yo' face
Nemesis what disaster
Now you die
Track Name: Doberman
Climb a tree
No time for tea
These dogs are closing in
Dogs are dammed
I'm not a bone
I'm not your prey
Wanna go home
I know how to play fetch
I guess you want flesh

Execute how 'bout you
I'm the chosen food
Oh how cute can I pet
Become walking dead
Pepe Lepew don't stand a chance
This is no cat

Bath Salt Zombies crude and rude
Bath Salt Zombies made a stew

Here's a leash don't bark
Where's a rescue team?

Man's best friend
Doberman will feast it's plate
I'm their menu
Please sit and stay

Doberman, zombie you became
Doberman, don't break the cage
Doberman, nothing stays the same
Doberman, let me play the game

For them we taste like a steak