Chaos & Confusion

by Bath Salt Zombies

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released May 17, 2014

Misael Fret: guitars, bass, vocals, programming, recording, mixing, blah
Jerry Joe: main vocals
Oshurun: lead guitars on tracks 5 & 9. Additional guitars on #5.
John Bizarro: additional vocals on tracks 4 & 11.

Track #9 original by GG Allin and The Murder Junkies.



all rights reserved


Bath Salt Zombies Dorado, Puerto Rico

Crossover / thrash project based on jokes, drugs, insanity, politics and of course... zombies. The core was composed of brothers Misael and Jerry (RIP 1981-2015) since it's beginning on January 10, 2014.

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Track Name: Bath Salt Feeding Frenzy
Euphoria dance hunger delirium
Let’s get naked this gets serious
Bath salt shaker the world starts crumbling
Turns a man to a bath salt zombie

Bath Salt Feeding Frenzy
Don't let them get me
Bath Salt Feeding Frenzy
Don't let me consume this

Lines or feeding or licking to running
Beware prepare brain humping

Rudy Eugene
Ronald Poppo
Don't let them get you
Florida #1

Suicide by cop
Snorting bath salts
Plastic in yo’ face
Live another day
Track Name: Rash
This eternal itching
I can’t stop scratching
I hope it’s not the herpes
I hope it’s not the rabies

I got this rash
When I fucked your ass
I got this rash
A hooker that I paid cash
I got this rash

Could be rash
I’m too fat
STD zombie rash
Or the genes of my dad (x2)

Ugly bumps on my skin
Do you like skinny jeans?
Fucking sucks
Fucking bitch
Kinda look like my dick (x2)

I got this rash
Track Name: Brain Pain
Pain! Coursing through your veins
Every fucking day
Don't try to fight it

Brain! Zombies fuck your head
Every other day
In the end you'll like it

They will come
They will suck
They will squeeze your cock
Until there's nothing left

They will take your pills

Brain pain!

Motherfucking brain pain

Where is my medication
You motherfucking bastards??!!!

Brain pain!
I will now fucking break you
Track Name: Zombie Reagan
Reagan you bullshit
You suck you asshole
And then you brain you die
Dumb fuck duck hunt
Feeding on flesh consuming our souls

Stupid humans everywhere
If you stare Reagan will prevail


War on nothing I am Reagan yeah
Lets fuck ourselves I am Reagan yeah


Hello I’M REAGAN where the fuck is my head
Alzheimer’s in me, I plead the fifth
What the fuck I seek? Maybe a head on a plate
So I can feed on your brain

(Joen Blanco guitar solo)
Track Name: Pick Up The Brick
What a joke
It's time to stop the abuse
The time to cut the fuse

My pockets are burned out
Your fucking time is up
Destruction's coming now

Pick up the brick
And reach your big dream
It's time to get real
It's time to fuck shit up

Pick up the brick
Go break and steal
The system we'll kill
We'll bust, we'll break, be free

Pick up the brick
Show me your skill
Throw it and hit

Pick up the brick
Don't be a dick
Throw it don’t think
Let's all go punch and kick

Civilians have become
Abiding by the rules
Like cattle, bunch of fools

We'll break the fucking chains
Willpower will remain
Move forward don't complain
Track Name: Night Of The Raping Zombies
Take off your panties
Real tasty your fanny
I’ll fuck your mommy
We're raping your daddy (x2)

Where to run? This night they search for holes
Watch your colon explode
Gangbang without control
You are saved you damn whore
Zombie stoned zombie scored
Who needs love when you have rape
Raping over here raping over there

Night of the Raping Zombies (x4)

Who knew the dead could rape
Instinct desire to date
You could be my bait
My penis full with hate
Track Name: Die When You Die (Murder Junkies cover)
The faggots with AIDS are all gonna fry
They stuck it up my ass tonite, now I'm gonna die

Die when you die when you die you're gonna die
Die when you die when you die you're gonna die

The KKK took the niggers out to die
When the blackie's burning, I hope he's gonna die

I talked to my bitch, but she was a guy
I talked to my man and she said you're gonna die

You've got cancer, so go fucking die
If you've got AIDS, spread it around and take some lives
Track Name: Nuke
Dude, let’s do the nuke
The only thing I wanna do

Holy shit where am I?
This shit makes me fly
Almost like see you die
Looming on a big surprise

I just hope I don’t get caught
By that fucking Robocop
Shoot the nuke
Now you're spooked

Paranoia smiles
Dying dying cry

Oh! That was good.
You're ready for another one?

Swimming drowning sex
What the fuck you expect?
Track Name: Apocalyptic Baby
From heaven far above
Apocalyptic baby
He hasn’t felt the love

(And I have constipation. Who gives a fuck?)

He's coming to this world
To desecrate the holy
Until his final breath
You don't have to fucking worry

Take my hand
Regurgitate what’s left inside
And then just say
Apocalyptic Baby

Apocalyptic son
Apocalyptic fuck
Track Name: Deputy Winston (The Party Man)
Good morning son
Deputy Winston song
Here to get drunk
Here to get fucked

Everything’s fine
Go back inside
Have a Big 40
And just party
No report
Party love

You're top priority, you're the Party Man
911 Deputy Winston got your back
Party with my 5lbs. of dangling meat
No commitment
Party hard
Party starve
I'm the king

Who plays harmonica
Party erotica
Skin bleeds
Different type of breed
Track Name: Overdose
Hit me a dose
Sobredosis whore
Too much fun
Reach the core

Nerves now are numb
Heavy dose more dumb than dumber
Sweating more than summer
And winter freezing skiing

Slippery grease
Ignoring this disease
Gimme the last kiss
And let me go in peace

Overdose whore
Junkie slut
Empty glass
Happy soul

Overdose up your throat
Overdose up your nose
Overdose up your veins
Overdose up your brain (x2)

Overdose: if you survive you can do it twice (x4)
Track Name: Booger Sugar
Pick me up
Don't let me down
Cocaine, so good
With a few brews

Tony Montana
The world is yours
Vitaly Orlov
You da' man

Tinkerbell's dust, full of crap
The only stuff that can do that
The yeyo, the powder, Colombian man
Feel super, destroyer, like Superman

Coke, Crack
Bubble gum
C-dust, Blow

Snow, Pearl
Paradise white

Flake, Base
Crystal, Big C

Candy cane
White girl

White horse
Gutter glitter
Wacky dust
Weasel dust